August 3rd, 2011

Hostease has three choices in purchasing web hosting. They are blog, basic and business. Among them, only those who choose business one can get a free dedicated IP. Maybe there are many people who don’t know about dedicated IP too much, so just let us learn more about it together.

Using a dedicated IP has more advantages than using a shared one. The following are some reasons that can explain it.

1.People can access your site via your dedicated IP, while using shared IP can not achieve this goal. So your site can be accessed in two ways. Shared IP just can open the default page.

2.Having a dedicated IP allows your site to be separated from other sites on the server. If you want a stable service, dedicated IP is a necessity. If you use shared IP, your site will easily be affected when one of the sites on the server has something wrong and leads to the suspension of the shared IP. Or, when share IP is attacked, if we can not be sure which account is attacked, then all of the accounts on the server will be influenced. What is the function of dedicated IP? That is to say, dedicated IP does not have the risk (which) talked above.

3.Furthermore, if you want to use SSL function, a dedicated IP is a must. Only if you have dedicated IP, then you can install SSL certificate. Because SSL certificate can only be installed in a certain IP which excludes shared IP for you can not set up a safe site based on shared IP.

4.Meanwhile, a dedicated IP is also a necessity of using anonymous FTP in Hostease. To have the function of anonymous FTP, you should buy a dedicated IP. Anyway, a dedicated IP is a better choice.

Obviously, there are more than these advantages above. Anyone who uses dedicated IP will benefit from it and will find the good points of using dedicated IP. So, are you ready to have one?

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  1. 夹克 says:

    The inspiring ideas likewise served like the good way to fully grasp that other people have a similar


  2. jacketsale says:

    Using a dedicated IP has more advantages than using a shared one


  3. I also like the idea of ​​a good way to stimulate the supply of fully grasp the others have similar


  4. what a good idea…..helpfull for Us.


  5. yes you are right there are many reason behind dedicated Ip, if you want to access your Site from Remote location you can easily access your website and also main benefit is to install SSL


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